Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ravens Basketball

I covered the Carleton Ravens mens OUA basketball quarterfinal game against Ryerson for my school newspaper, the Charlatan, last Saturday

You can find my game report here.

They are insanely good. The Ravens, that is.

Coming into the game on the back of a spotless 22-0 in the regular season, the Ravens were on cruise control as they strolled past the Ryerson Rams 97-73.

Willy Manigat bagged a game high 24 points in the win. I spoke with him after the game, and he told me how the Ravens bring the Carleton brand of basketball to the court.

It really is a small world we live in. In the beginning of the season (sometime in November) I covered the Ravens home opener.

When my editor, Farhan Devji, sent me details of the game, a name stood out to me.

"Rookie Philip Scrubb is expected to play a big role on this years team," he wrote.

Hold on, I know Philip Scrubb! I went to elementary school with him from 1999-2004 in Vancouver, BC.

Some googling told me it was the same Philip Scrubb we used to call 'Philly' back in Van City.

I used to play basketball with him, and we both bombed a grade 5 math test once in Diefenbaker Elementary School. I still dont know how to do long division.

But when I moved back to Dubai in 2004, I heard no more from Mr. Scrubb, who is now the 2011 OUA East Rookie of the Year.

But now we go to the same school again.

an HD, HQ, and even 3D quality video of the ravens practicing before the game at the Ravens Nest....

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